The Vision

We live in a time when people are crying out for answers, for relationships, and for hope. Yet, many have retreated into church fortresses and turned to programs that build empires instead of Biblical principles that build God’s Kingdom.

  • 82% of all American churches have plateaued or are declining in members
  • Despite Christ’s command to evangelize, 67% of all humans from AD 30 to the present day have never even heard of his name.
  • Fewer than 1% of churchgoing men participate in any sort of ongoing men’s ministry

  • India and Nepal have over 1.2 billion people that are 90 percent unreached.  Only 2-3 percent are Christian with 75-80 percent Hindu that worship over 3 million Gods.

    Born from a desire to see people make Christ’s last command their first concern, Hislight partners with churches and other ministries to share the gospel through:

    • Preaching: Churches, Men’s Retreats, Men’s Conferences, and Global Missions
    • Outreach Events: Men, Marriage, Sports, Military, College and Youth
    • Church Mobilization: Regional and National Men’s conferences, City-wide Evangelistic Events, and Mission trips to India and Nepal.
    • Missions: International Crusades and Campaigns with partnering ministries in India and Nepal.

    Throughout the New Testament, the heart of Christ is seen through His desire to share the good news with the sick, the hopeless, the poor, and those that lived in darkness. He wants His disciples to live out and teach the principles of:

    • Prayer: Our source of power and passion
    • Care: Building relationships and meeting needs
    • Share: Sharing the gospel in personal, relevant ways