If you are interested in becoming an ongoing partner with Doug joining his and Lori’s support team or helping with the funding of a specific HISLIGHT project, then you can sign up online by clicking on the donate button below. ( Make sure you fill out the dollar amount and the remainder of the form.)  In addition to donations directed to HisLight’s India/Nepal projects and orphans, we are committed to further blessing the ministries we support in India and Nepal with 10 percent of all donations to HisLight International Ministries.
Checks can be sent directly to the HISLIGHT office in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL (address below), but MUST be made payable to HisLight International Ministries in order to be tax deductible. Be sure to attach a sticky note on the check, in the memo section of the check designating your preference of where you would like to designate the funds; (i.e., HisLight India/Nepal Project, India Orphans, or “Doug McCary’s missionary support”)


If sending contributions to the HisLight office, please send to:

HisLight International Ministries
40 Ramona St
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL  32082
Ph: 214-236-7488
Fx: 904-339-9314

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**Attention!  Please make note of the rules on recordkeeping for charitable contributions.  HisLight will provide a qualified acknowledgement of each contribution of $250 or more which will enable you to claim such contributions as deductions with no other record keeping on your part needed.  This will be mailed out yearly by Feb 7.  If you desire a quarterly statement please request that by emailing your request to  HisLight does not account for INDIVIDUAL donations less than $250 (UNLESS the total of them all is over $250).  Therefore, in order for you to deduct a charitable cash contribution to HisLight that is LESS than $250 you must have a bank record (such as a canceled check or a bank statement containing the name of HisLight, the date and the amount of the contribution; at many banks you can print a copy of the front/back of the check after it clears).  Personal bank records for donations less than $250 are not sufficient under the new rules.  Furthermore, it is unacceptable to the IRS (if you are audited) if you give a contribution and have the name of a person/missionary on the memo line.  Therefore, if you choose to give to a specific project or missionary (regardless of the amount), please attach a separate sheet of paper or sticky note with your check to ensure proper designation of your gift.  For more information see HYPERLINK Publication 526.