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Rachel update, SWAT, and India Update

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Rachel and the New Orleans mascot

Many of you have asked about Rachel.  She is now over 5 months post-transplant and physically is doing great!  She continues to show zero rejection and has been cleared for all physical activities.  As many of you know, she loves basketball and is excited about playing basketball this fall at the YMCA. She recently had the opportunity to catch an NBA game in Jacksonville with her brother Ryan. Even got a photo with the New Orleans mascot!

While we are immensely grateful for the healing that has taken place with the gift of Rachel’s new physical heart, we have sadly become aware of the deep emotional trauma that she has suffered from her 7 years as an orphan. She has recently been diagnosed with PTSD and has now begun therapy to help her work through her past.  Pray with us for the healing of Rachel’s heart in every way.  Our other girls are busy and doing well, including our newest addition, Rebekah, who has brought overwhelming joy to our home. Thank you so much for your continued prayers for Lori and all of our girls!!

This summer, we had our first SWAT (Spiritual Warriors Advancing Truth) retreat.  Forty-four men joined us to dive into God’s Word, Shoot guns, Skydive, and golf.  We had a great time of learning about the reliability of Scripture, bonding as a band of brothers, and breaking bread together.  We just completed our first SWAT teacher-training class and now have four SWAT studies meeting weekly in the Jacksonville area!  I also had the opportunity over the summer to encourage several men’s conferences in Florida and Louisiana with the call for men to stand up as warriors for Truth.  If ever there was a time for the men in the American church to start leading this charge it is NOW!

SWAT retreat

John pictured with members of the LTTI leadership team!
One our SWAT brothers, John Heinzel (pictured left with some of the LTTI leaders), will be traveling with me to India to encourage and instruct the students in this class of the LTTI. John was with me last May when I had to return early because of Rachel’s transplant.  I’m excited about his return with me.  Please pray for John and I as we seek to encourage our brothers and sisters in this hard to reach area!

I have put our itinerary below and covet your prayers for us and our families while we are gone.

-Wednesday, Oct 21:Depart JAX for Dehli

-Thursday, Oct 22:  Arrive in New Delhi, India.

-Friday, Oct 23: Meetings in New Delhi with Johnson from Jesus Heals Ministries
-Saturday, Oct 24: Depart New Delhi at 11:00 AM for Bagdogra. We arrive in Bagodgra at 1:00 pm and then drive up the Himalayan mountains to the LTTI in Mirik, India
-Sunday, Oct 25: John and I will be preaching in separate churches in the Mirik area.

-Monday – Wednesday, Oct 26-28: We will be training the students of the LTTI in Servant Leadership, Accountability, Evangelism, and Spiritual Discipline.
-Thursday, Oct 29: Visit and minister to the children and leaders at one of the mountain mission schools.
-Friday, Oct 30:  We will be speaking at the graduation commissioning the students as they graduate and take the gospel to Northern India, Bhutan, and Nepal.
-Saturday, Oct 31: Drive to Bagdogra and then fly back to New Dehli.
-Sunday, Nov 1: We depart New Dehli at 1:20 for Minneapolis, and then arrive in Jacksonville.

Please pray specifically for:
 For us to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as we teach the students of the LTTI.
 For the students to understand, apply, and be encouraged by the Word
 For Divine opportunities as we travel to share the hope of Jesus with those we meet along the way.
 For our faithfulness, humility, and trust in our KING!
 For God’s protection of and provision for our families while we are away

Thanks for your partnership and making this ministry possible!!


Author: DougM