Provision, Proclamation, and Patience

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God’s Sovereignty! Many times we talk about God’s Sovereignty, yet often when we face difficult circumstances, we question God’s timing and doubt His provision for His plans!  We forget that He always maximizes every opportunity to bring Glory to His name!  A few weeks ago, it was payday, our ministry account was low on funds, and we needed a pretty good “chunk of change” to pay the ministry bills and get a paycheck.  I told Lori that we needed to pray that the Lord would provide, but I didn’t even tell her the amount we needed.  Only God (and I) knew we needed $2,000.00!  The next day, Lori found an envelope in the mailbox with McCary written on it and inside 19 $100 dollar bills, three twenties, and one five dollar bill.  $1,965.00.  In the last nineteen years, we have never had anyone leave that amount of cash in an envelope in our mailbox without a note or anything.  No note, no name, just a provision from the Lord at just the right time! Thank you for faithfully partnering with us and praying to the God of all provision!  He is so faithful!

Since Jan 1., we’ve had the opportunity to share the Good News at a retreat for Air Force Academy cadets in Colorado,  the High Ground Bible Conference in Beaver Creek , CO,  a men’s retreat for Foothills Community Church (Avon, CO), through the Cross Builder drama at an Easter sunrise service to around 1600 people, speak to about 100 women at a women’s retreat, help train and commission 41 students from 3 countries at the Leadership Transformational Training Institute in Northern India, and teach 3 weekly SWAT (Spiritual Warfare Advanced Training) Bible studies to about 65 men in Jacksonville, FL.  I say WE because WE are partners in spreading His Light!  God continues to use you to encourage and help us reach people around the world and we are so grateful!  Thanks for your continued prayers and support and keep spreading HIS LIGHT!


Lori and I continue to be encouraged by your prayers and emails regarding our sweet Rachel!!  Rachel recently went through a tough spell fighting off the flu and a bacterial infection in her PICC line, but she is doing better now and has regained her appetite and the sparkle in her eye!  She is still at the top of the transplant list and we are hopeful that God will provide her a new heart.  However, if He chooses to bring her home early or give us more time with her, we trust in His love for her and His plan! Please continue to pray for our patience and wisdom as seek to follow Him through this difficult journey!


Author: DougM