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Prayer, Provision, and Praise – The LTTI and trip itinerary

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On Thursday, October 30, I leave Jacksonville on a 10 day trip with Chuck McArthur to teach and commission a class of 43 students (from 3 different countries) at the Leadership Transformational Training Institute (LTTI) in Northern India. The Leadership Transitional Training Institute (LTTI) in Mirik, India currently trains groups of about 40 people three times a year.  I have been privileged to teach for the last week of the last two classes and be apart of the graduation ceremonies. Dawa Singye and some great servant-leaders have started the institute to serve as a home base for training of Christians for outreach into India, Nepal and Bhutan.  In order to house the training and education efforts there they are in the process of constructing a building to house the training center.  Currently the building is partially unfinished.  It’s a four story concrete building with part of the first floor closed in.  Until recently, the training had been conducted on the first floor with very temporary walls made of tin sheeting.  At night the women would retire to sleep in a small house nearby.  The men slept on the concrete floor of the building which was located 5000 feet above sea level in the lower Himalayas, therefore it would get terribly cold at night.

Last year, we raised the funds to complete the first floor.  I asked God very specifically to bring in the funds needed to complete the project by the time we traveled in November and HE DID!!! We recently received the remaining $35,000.00 to complete the building.  A couple of weeks ago, an anonymous donor gave a $17,500.00 challenge gift for every dollar donated towards the project by October 30th.  Within two weeks all the funds were in!!  He also provided a generator and a much needed copy machine!! Please join us in praising our GREAT GOD and  continue to pray for God’s provision for Dawa, his team, and the students who are spreading HIS Light in a very hard to reach part of the world!


I have put our itinerary below and covet your prayers for us and our families while we are gone.

Thursday, Oct 30:  Depart JAX at 1:30 PM for Cincinnati and then on from there to Paris and then to New Delhi, India.

Friday, Oct 31:  Arrive in New Delhi at 11:10 PM

Saturday, Nov 1:  Depart New Delhi at 11:00 AM for Bagdogra.  We arrive in Bagodgra at 1:00 pm and then drive up the Himalayan mountains to the LTTI in Mirik, India

Sunday, Oct 2:  Chuck and I will be preaching in separate churches in the Mirik area.

Monday – Wednesday, Oct 3-5:  We will be training the students of the LTTI in Servant Leadership, Bible Study Methods, Evangelism, and Spiritual Discipline.

Thursday, Oct 6:  We will be speaking at the graduation commissioning the students as they graduate and take the gospel to Northern India, Bhutan, and Nepal.

Friday, Oct 7:  Visit and minister to the children and leaders at one of the mountain mission schools.  In the afternoon, we drive back   to Bagdogra and catch a 2:00 flight to New Dehli.

Saturday, Oct 8:  Debrief and cultural day In New Dehli.

Sunday, Oct 9:  We depart New Dehli at 1:20 for Paris, New York, and then arrive in Jacksonville at 5:40 pm.

Please pray specifically for:

         For us to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit as we teach the students of the LTTI.

         For the students to understand, apply, and be encouraged by the Word

         For Divine opportunities as we travel to share the hope of Jesus with those we meet along the way.

         For our faithfulness, humility, and trust in our KING!

         For God’s protection of and provision for our families while we are away

Thanks for your partnership and making this ministry possible!!


Author: DougM