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Well I know that many of you are probably wondering if the McCarys fell off the planet.  It’s been a challenging few months to say the least. Even as I write this in the Amsterdam airport, I’m still trying to catch my breath.  First, let me thank all of you for praying for Rachel. She is adjusting well, but her heart is still weak and her cardiologist has listed her for a heart transplant.  Kate and Ellie have really taken her in and played a big part in encouraging and helping her adjust.  Lori and I have looked at each other many times in the past weeks and thanked God for giving us the privilege of raising these precious girls.  We see God moving in their lives so strongly. Just a few days ago, Kate told us that she would give Rachel her heart and then she would be the first one in our family to go to heaven…and she was serious!  It reminded me that even in the midst of Rachel needing a heart transplant, he has already begun the process of giving her a new spiritual heart and that’s the most important thing!
Jesus said in Luke 12 that God cares about sparrows and that we (His children) are more valuable than sparrows. We had another reminder of that last weekend. My good friend, John Monger, a Bhutanese refugee who was relocated to Austin, TX came to speak at our church and shared his testimony of being tortured, imprisoned for eighteen months, and kicked out of two countries. Yet, when he was relocated to America, his “American Dream” was not to win the lottery, make a fortune, or seek personal gain- No, his desire was to disciple and plant churches. When you meet John, his love for the Lord is overwhelming and his passion flows from having walked with Jesus through torture and persecution. He was told many times, deny Jesus and you can walk out of here a free man… Deny Jesus and we will stop beating you.  John would say, “How can I deny the one who gave his life for me?” Wow! His perspective challenged us all.

As I wait to catch my flight for India, I’m so grateful for meeting John. We will actually be going to the refugee camp in Nepal where I met John. I’ve included our India trip itinerary below so you can know how to pray for us for the next two weeks.  I’m also thankful for the incredible wife God gave me. All the years of living month to month, raising six children with a husband on the road all the time, constantly sacrificing for others, and now caring for Rachel- I am truly blessed!

Finally, let me thank you again for your prayers and generous support that allows us to serve God in taking HIS LIGHT all over the world!


Serving our King,


India Itinerary


April 19Leave JAX


April 20Arrive Dehli


April 21Fly to Vijayawada and then drive to Machilipatnam and meet

Johnson, our local ministry host


April 22Johnson takes us to villages to visit and possibly minister –

evening Gospel meetings Outreach


April 23Pastor’s conference – 300 pastor’s from the region will come

to Machilipatnam – in the evening, Gospel meetings outreach


April 24leave Machilipatnam and overnight in Dehli


April 25leave Dehli for Bagdogra – after arrival in Bagdogra the team

will take a car to Nepal and visit the Bhutanese refugee camp where John Monger ministered and spend the night in Nepal – Dawa will be our host pastor


April 26 team returns in the afternoon and visit tribal villages with Jinoy


April 27-29       Minister in villages and spend time with Pastor Jinoy

April 30  Fly back to Dehli, private car to Agra


May 1st recovery day


May 2 (1:30 am) Fly back to U.S.

Author: RussM