If it had not been the Lord…

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“If it had not been the Lord who was on our side..” is how Psalm 124 begins and it ends with, “Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” How many times in life have we been reminded of this truth that King David knew so well.  David reminds us of God’s Sovereignty and ultimate power as the Creator of the world in which we live.  That means God made everything and knows it intimately well.. including Rachel’s body and every detail of her heart that is broken and needs to be repaired. God also knows every detail of your broken life…whether it is a broken relationship, a broken body, a broken dream, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in this world HE KNOWS and HE KNOWS HOW TO REPAIR IT!  HE IS ULTIMATELY IN CHARGE!  HE IS SOVEREIGN!  David knew this truth, he lived his life by this truth, he sang about this truth, and he wrote about this truth in many of the Psalms.  That doesn’t mean that David didn’t experience pain – he did!  That doesn’t mean David didn’t experience failure – he did!  That doesn’t mean that David didn’t struggle – he did! But, he knew His Creator and he knew the Lord was on his side and with God on our side – it doesn’t matter what enemy, what trouble, or what broken thing you are facing – God is SOVEREIGN and HE is your HELP!  



So many people have been encouraged by the Psalms that David wrote.  In the same way, as we’ve experienced this truth in walking this journey with Rachel, we’ve had the opportunity to pray with many others here on the ICU and share with them that if God can take a 9 month old girl dying of pneumonia and a severe congenital heart defect lying on a street in China and bring her hope, He can do it for anyone. Thanks so much for your prayers for Rachel and rejoice with us that we are going home after phase 1 in repairing her heart.  She is doing great and we praise our Creator for being her help!   If it had not been the Lord…Thank you Father for being on Rachel’s side and thank you for being on our side!

HE is our HELP!!



Author: RussM