Discipleship and a Bhutanese Christmas

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In 2007, I met a Bhutanese refugee named John Monger.  Many of you have heard me share about John before.  John served as my translator for a series of evangelistic meetings we conducted in Nepal.  John shared with me about how he had been exiled from two countries and had spent over 16 months in prison for refusing to stop sharing the Gospel and discipling others.  John’s devotion to the Lord and commitment to discipling others has already left a huge impact on his family and everyone he meets.

John was led to Christ on the streets of Bhutan as a teenager by a young man he didn’t even know.  After receiving Christ, John started sharing Christ with his family and discipling them in the Lord.  Recently, John and his family were relocated as refugees to the United States.  John and his immediate family were relocated to Austin, TX and his mother, brothers, and sisters were relocated to Jacksonville, FL. John now leads a church that minister to refugees from Nepal, Bhutan, Sudan, Iraq, and other war-torn countries.  His brother, Indra, leads a church in Jacksonville, Fl that minister to hundreds of refugees.

This Christmas, our family was able to join with over 60 refugees in a Bhutanese Church Christmas Eve service.  The service was led by Indra and his brothers and sisters.  It was great to see John’s whole family ministering to the needs of those recently relocated from the refugee camps in Nepal. I wonder if the young man who led John to Christ many years ago will ever know how God is blessing the fruit of his faithfulness.  As we sat there, I was struck by the way God weaves his thread into the lives of people to create a masterpiece that we will never fully realize until we get to Heaven.

Thank you for your continued partnership in helping us be a part of the weaving process as we take the Gospel and discipleship message to people everywhere.  Please pray for God’s continued provision and for John, Indra, and their ministries.  If you would like to support our ministry, please go to the partnership link on our home page.  Happy New year and have a great 2011!!


Author: RussM